Grow your business by 40% with our Digital Marketing service for startups

We provide customised tailored solutions fasttrack your online visibility, boost brand awareness and increase your sales

Silicon India: In 2019 Shibaram Mishra, Cosmoquest founder ranked among the top 10 inbound marketer

Entrepreneur in focus: In 2020 Shibaram Mishra featured in an entrepreneur in focus magazine.

Silicon India: CosmoQuest awarded as best Digital Marketing startups in Bangalore

Setting up a business can be a complex and tedious process. From operations to finances to advertising, you can’t handle everything alone. If you aspire for high business growth with large online traffic we would love to help you to grow your business.

Digital Marketing services that we provide for startups?

Marketing ready Website

We create beautifully customized websites that meet your business needs, whether they are e-commerce or informational, and allow for easy navigation. We create one-of-a-kind, immersive content that showcases your uniqueness to the world and visually represents what makes you stand out.

Landing page designing

Landing pages are single-purpose webpages for your marketing campaigns where your audience lands after clicking on ads that you create. These are designed to effectively achieve specific marketing goals like – Program Registration, Email list, Sales of a product, subscription, Collect information of potential customers, and more.

Marketing and sales automation

We automate complete sales and marketing tasks by automating your repetitive task in real time to provide a personalised experience to your visitors and convert them to customers at oneplace.

Full Funnel Marketing

We help companies pivot into more profitable directions where they can expand and grow and help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. A full-funnel marketing strategy considers the entire 360 degree customer journey and attempts to nurture relationships and build better brand experiences.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging Social Media can truly help nonprofits and social impact organisations connect directly with all their stakeholders. Our in-house social media team can help launch, execute, and push your nonprofit to virality with cause marketing campaigns.

PPC Campaign

Nonprofits can massively benefit from Google Ad Grants - a free $10,000 / month marketing resource offered by Google, especially for nonprofits. We help organizations qualify for this grant and become visible to a wider audience by optimizing their search engine presence.

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Costart is a journey that helps you take one step further, and then the next! We are building an ecosystem for startups that believes in helping and supporting each other.  You can surely contribute to making your business better, stronger, and meaningful by Ideation, Starting, Fixing, or Scaling yours with other entrepreneurs.


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